Pedagogy in ACT Public Schools

Great Teachers by Design and Great Teaching by Design

Great Teachers by Design: A systemic approach to ensuring highly effective teachers in Canberra public schools and Great Teaching by Design: Evidence-based practices to improve student outcomes in Canberra’s classrooms support a systematic approach to ensuring highly effective teaching in Canberra public schools by providing evidence-based strategies to develop great teachers and improve educational outcomes for all students.

The frameworks draw together evidence-based actions, initiatives, and processes that support the attraction, retention and development of highly effective teachers, and strategies to embed highly effective teaching in every classroom.

Additionally, the frameworks may assist principals when conducting annual professional discussions with teachers.

Quality Teaching Model (QTM)

The Quality Teaching Model is an evidence-based model used by teachers and school leaders to focus and support long-term strategic improvement in pedagogy across all subjects, school contexts, and classes from preschool to year 12.

The following resources support the implementation of the Quality Teaching Model:

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