International Education

The International Education Unit (IEU) is responsible for coordinating the Directorate's marketing of public education around the world.

The unit is responsible for the welfare and support of international fee paying students. The primary aims of the IEU are to ensure international fee paying students have a positive experience and achieve excellent educational outcomes while they undertake study in an ACT public school. The IEU oversees and assists schools with enquiries about the program and individual students.

The IEU promotes academic excellence and provides cultural enrichment and quality caring specifically designed to meet the needs of international students. International students undertaking study in Canberra have 24-hour access to Directorate assistance. The IEU's commitment to customer service ensures that international students have access to appropriate support, including assistance with enrolment, extensive orientation, study facilities, career counselling and transition assistance, welfare, personal counselling, accommodation services, attendance monitoring and grievance mechanisms.

The administrative responsibilities of IEU include the management of:

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