Instrumental Music Program

The Instrumental Music Program delivers an instrumental tuition program in an ensemble setting in schools through an itinerant teaching team of specialist music teachers. This includes brass, woodwind, percussion, Strings and ukulele in our primary schools as well as concert band and primary music classes in other settings. The program delivers a range of extension ensembles for students and manages the Step into the Limelight Showcase events.

Aims of the Instrumental Music Program

  • To enhance the education of children through their involvement in a quality music program
  • To provide a strong motivation for children to continue to engage in music activities
  • To develop cooperative learning, social interaction and performance skills
  • To develop in children an awareness and appreciation of many musical styles and genres
  • To develop instrumental and ensemble skills
  • To encourage children to strive for excellence

Extensions Ensembles

The Instrumental Music Program delivers four concert bands, flute ensemble, percussion ensemble, jazz band as well as senior and primary choir after school hours. These are extension ensembles for students in ACT public schools and entrance is by annual audition. These groups perform at a range of program, directorate and community events.

Step into the Limelight

Step into the Limelight creative and performing arts showcase event for public schools began in 2007 and has grown to become the largest youth Arts event in the ACT. More than 1600 students from over 65 public schools from Pre School to Year 12 will work closely with professional artists, tertiary institutions and arts organisations to develop outstanding artistic works for the show. The event includes an art exhibition, film festival and gala showcase performances.
The aims of Step into the Limelight are:

  • Promote ACT public education through the Creative Arts
  • Provide enriched learning experiences for students
  • Provide quality teacher professional development through collaboration
  • Showcase a range of quality art works inclusive of all school sectors

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