Schools Contacts

Please use the ACT Government Directory to contact staff at schools. If you are unsure of the name of the person you are looking for:

  1. Select 'Advanced Search' (red button);
  2. A blue window with multiple fields appears;
  3. Select the 'Keywords' field;
  4. Type the [name] of the school in the field, press 'Search' (yellow button);
  5. A window will appear with a listing, under header 'Unit' choose the school listed;
  6. A listing will appear, scroll down to the header 'Staff' to view the names and contact details.

All Staff/Principals/Managers/Business Managers/Supervisors

Please ensure that the Education Directory Updater has been informed to list/update or remove the listing of the employee's details when they commence/transfer or cease employment with the directorate. For further information please go to the ACT Government Directory page.

Email to "Individual Schools" options

Go to the Education Directory of Schools for schools contact details.

Mail to "ALL" options

Education ICT (Shared Services ICT), host a variety of mailing lists for general use and can create mailing lists for targeted groups of users. These mailing lists have been developed primarily as distribution mechanisms to enable the dissemination of information to schools electronically.

The subscription to these mailing lists is extensive and is therefore a very useful way of distributing information to the majority of school staff.

These mailing lists are not a forum for commercial advertising or 'junk mail'. Tools are available for list owners to moderate or close their mailing lists so only members can email to them. 


If it is necessary to send an attachment to a message, advice should be sought from the IT Service Desk or 6207 9000 as to the best way to distribute the attachment.

Please note: Emails including attachments should not exceed 200kb.

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