School Cleaning

School Cleaning Services

The ACT Government is committed to ensuring that ACT public schools receive consistent, high-quality cleaning services, school cleaners are employed in a fair and equitable manner, and staff and students have access to safe learning environments.

To ensure that high-quality cleaning is delivered by a valued and professional workforce, on 3 February 2020, the Education Directorate launched a new, insourced cleaning model for public schools.

The new cleaning workforce is directly employed by the ACT Government and provides end to end cleaning services for all ACT public schools. The new model features site specific cleaning plans, to ensure schools are receiving the services where they’re required.

The new cleaning model will also see the future implementation of specialised cleaning teams to meet school’s needs. This may include deep cleaning of carpets, broad area cleaning, chewing gum removal and more, on a planned basis.

Government Cleaning Workforce

Many of the newly appointed government cleaners have worked as contractors in ACT public schools previously, and have become valued members of the school community, with a wealth of cleaning knowledge and experience.

The new model will not only benefit our schools, but improve individuals’ financial, health and psychological wellbeing through secure employment. As government employees, all cleaners are entitled to fair, safe working conditions and permanency or long-term contract work. All our cleaners wear a specialised cleaning uniform and an ID tag.

For any additional advice and information on the insourced model or school cleaning services, please contact the School Cleaning Services Taskforce on

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