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Welcome to the Enrolment Policy Index Page. This page contains documents and contacts to support principals, business managers, enrolment officers and other school staff.

Key information on enrolling in an ACT public school can be found on the ACT Education Directorate website at https://www.education.act.gov.au/public-school-life/enrolling-in-a-public-school, including:

  • The Online Enrolment Form
  • Kindergarten-year 12 enrolment
  • Finding your local School
  • Priority Enrolment Areas
  • Out of area enrolment criteria
  • Category A and B schools
  • NSW Students enrolling in ACT Public Schools
  • Preschool Enrolment
  • Early Entry (including 3 year old preschool)
  • International Students
  • Students with a Disability
  • School Information Session Times
  • Information needed to Accept an Offer of Enrolment
  • Review and Appeal Information
  • Other information on Enrolling in ACT public schools

Please contact the Enrolment Policy Team on 6205 2020 for more information.  Note: This is an internal line to by-pass the Directorate phone menu. It is not to be provided to applicants.

ACT public school enrolments for 2021 opened at 6am on Tuesday 28 April 2020. This is for all enrolments from Preschool to Year 12. For K-12 applications received by 5 June 2020, offers will begin to be made from 27 July. Families are encouraged to get their application in before 5 June, so they can start planning for the next year. However, every child from Kindergarten to Year 12 is guaranteed a place at their local public school, regardless of when they apply.  For Preschool applications received by 5 June 2020, offers will begin to be made from 27 July.  Two further Casual Allocation rounds will happen later in the year.

Enrolment/transfer applications for the current year (2020) are to be processed as they are received.

The Education Directorate has responsibility for establishing processes for enrolment in government schools. These include establishing Priority Enrolment Areas for ACT public primary schools, high schools and colleges, and establishing processes to enrol children in all levels of ACT public schools, from preschool - year 12.


Please read here the latest enrolments bulletins for school enrolments 2020 and 2021.



The following timelines outline the 2021 Preschool and K-12 enrolment process:


School Guidance Materials for Enrolments Assessment

Preschool Business Process for 2021

Template Letters of Offer

Template letters for schools to use in 2020 when offering K-12 places for 2020 and 2021 applicants.

*Guidance for declining out of area applications and referring to second or third preference, or PEA school (29kb)

Template letters for schools to use in 2020 when offering Preschool places for 2021 applicants.

Please note: Preschool applicants for the 2020 preschool year should be assessed under current preschool allocation processes. Use Template G (Casual Place Offer – in area) or Template H (Casual Place Offer – out of area) to offer a 2020 preschool place.

Template letter for schools to use when declining an application to transfer, where the student already attends their ACT - PEA school.

Template letter for schools to use remind OOA preschool 2020 parents to submit a new enrolment application for 2021 – Kindergarten.  Only to be sent to parents who received an offer of place for preschool 2020 using Templates E, G or K – out of area (2020 versions).

Student Selection Program (SSP)

The SSP is web based and is designed to allow ACT schools using MAZE to transfer student data between schools. It also allows the facility to look up a student ID number.

For students completing the transfer section of the application to enrol/transfer form, the school MUST use the SSP to transfer student and family data from the previous school.

SSP does not require a separate login and password to access it.

For access to SSP schools should contact the Shared Services Service Desk and request to be put in the SSP user group within the EDUNET/SCHOOLSNET network. Access to SSP is via: https://ssponline.ed.act.edu.au/

For problems or questions relating to the SSP schools should contact the Shared Services Desk on extension 620 79000 or via the online portal:  Shared Services

Generic Log In

To assist families who do not have access to a computer or internet, an account has been created to enable a parent/carer to access the online enrolment information and application form at a school. This account is accessible on any networked EDUnet/SchoolsNET computer. Login password and details, along with further information are on the document below.

Generic Login Advice word icon (41kb)

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