Emergency Management

Emergency Response Guide

The protection of ACT public school, staff and students is a priority. The Emergency Response Guide is aimed to assist the school community to improve emergency responses. Emergency Response Guide pdf file (187 kb)

Emergency Response Guide

Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

Each school is required to have a site specific EMP. The EMP should be reviewed once a year and copies of all reviewed or amended EMP’s must be emailed/forwarded to: Security & Emergency Management within two weeks of approval by the principal.

A further review of a site specific EMP must be conducted following a significant incident to assess the plans effectiveness, and identify any reasonably practicable improvements based on incident debriefs and lessons learnt.

Assistance with developing emergency management plans is available from the Agency Security Advisor on 62071974. Template - School Emergency Management Plan 2015 word icon (3Mb)

Current Emergency Evacuation Plans must be accessible to all staff and visitors, and provide a clear overview of emergency exits and assembly points for the site.

Bushfire Strategy

The Directorate has protocols during bushfire seasons to notify schools when an elevated fire danger rating is declared. The ‘temporarily’ closure of schools are authorised by the Directorate when the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ACT ESA) declares an ‘extreme’ or ‘catastrophic’ fire danger rating. For further information visit the Bushfire Strategy 2018-19 index page.

Temporary Closure of Schools

Temporary closure of a public school in the ACT may occur where there is an immediate or imminent threat to the physical health or safety of students, staff or community members.

For further information refer to the Temporary Closure of Schools Policy.

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