Compliance Checklist

The Directorate is required to comply with all legislation, regulations and policies relevant to running schools. To make this process as easy as possible, a Compliance Checklist has been developed to highlight the key requirements for schools and principals.

Compliance Checklist - The Compliance Checklist is an enabling tool to streamline legislative and policy requirements for principals and business managers. The checklist is to be completed each semester, by the end of the semester.

The results, including partial compliance is to be reported, by the Principal, to the School Board. The checklist can (and, ideally, should) be used as part of your evidence package for school auditing purposes. The checklist does not need to be submitted to the Education Support Office.

The Compliance Checklist Smartform can be saved multiple times using the save tab at the top of the checklist and submitted once. The final Compliance Checklist once submitted will be emailed to the Principal in PDF format.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document for further information.

Education Support Office staff are available to provide advice and assistance, relevant contact details are provided throughout the document.

You can also contact the Risk, Security and Emergency Management Section for advice and assistance on or (02) 620 56207.

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