Chemwatch Information

All Directorate schools have access to the Chemwatch web site.

Schools are required as part of their School Safety Checks and risk assessments for subjects such as:

  • Technology;
  • Science;
  • Home Science;
  • Textiles;
  • Photography;
  • Arts; and
  • Agriculture

to have readily available in their areas current Safety Data Sheets (SDS) pdf file (1.14 Mb) for each hazardous substance located and used on site. This is also required by contracted cleaners and Building Services Officers when using hazardous substances.

This comprehensive website provides you with essential information and the ability to print chemical SDS, product safety cards, labels to put on containers and produce a chemical register as required in the School Safety Checks.

The requirement for a SDS in Secondary School Safety Checks word file (714 kb) can be found under Record Keeping in section C1 and in Primary School Safety Checks word file (520 kb) under Record Keeping in section P1.

  1. Left click on the following GoldFFX (online Chemwatch software) link.
    Gold FFX URL is
    This will take you to the GoldFFX (online Chemwatch software) login screen.

    GoldFFX online Chemwatch software login screen

  2. In GoldFFX there is a 3 tier login requiring [account], [username] and [password].
  3. Account: is your school user ID actedu + school number, e.g. actedu99 
  4. Username: administrator (for all schools)
  5. Password: ACTChemEdu (please note: this is case sensitive).
  6. Please keep your login account (user ID) and password handy for future use.

After logging onto the site, (see following screenshot of home page of GoldFFX) on left hand side is menu for accessing the MaterialsFoldersManifest(chemical register), Risk AssessD-Gen Lab and Credo.

Live help option is available on top of the home page. Following is the screenshot of right hand top corner of home page which has links to other help options.

Live help option is available on top of the home page

The help options are briefly explained below

  1. eLearning modules
  2. Help (windows style help) menu
  3. Manual (GoldFFX Users Guide - Chemicals Database Management System - 2014 in PDF file format (256 pages) which once opened can be saved to your computer.

help options briefly explained

Chemical and Hazardous Emergency Information

  • Recently Safety, Health and Wellbeing received advice from ACT Fire & Rescue regarding the location of Safety Data Sheets, (SDS) within schools. The advice received from ACTF&R, was: a copy of all SDS’s are to be located in a position that is readily accessible to workers who use the hazardous chemical and to Emergency Service staff. As an extension of this advice ACTF&R recommend that an SDS is located adjacent to or in close proximity of the Fire Indicator Panel, (FIP) and also in or adjacent to the location where the hazardous chemical is stored. This advice is consistent with AS 1940-2004 and the ACT Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011, (WHS Regulation 344).

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