Health and Safety Representatives

The role of the Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) is to represent employees on workplace health and safety matters. Work Safety legislation prescribes the duties of the HSR in performing this role. Principals/Managers and Supervisors have both an obligation and a responsibility to manage workplace health and safety risks and to consult with employees on WHS matters.

Every workplace/school should have a HSR and deputy HSR elected from the staff at their workplace/school. All staff should be informed and made aware of whom their HSR and deputy HSR are for their particular school.

This role remains current for three years until 2018. Workplaces only require an election process for this role if an elected staff member is no longer available due to leave or staff mobility. Please check the attached Directorate HSR list to ensure current representatives for your school are listed. If an election is required this may be arranged by contacting the Australian Education Union on 627 27900.

Please advise of your school's newly nominated HSR and or Deputy-HSR.

What Do Health and Safety Representatives Do?

Your HSR has the power to:

  • inspect the workplace
  • represent you on work safety issues
  • investigate complaints
  • issue a hazard notice or Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN)
  • access employer's work safety information
  • request an investigation

The HSR should be notified of any Work, Health and Safety incident including serious injuries and dangerous incidents that occur in the workplace/school.

What Do I Do if I Have a Health and Safety Issue?

Remember, your employer has primary responsibility for ensuring your health and safety at work, so talk to your supervisor in the first instance. If the issue cannot be resolved or more information is required, talk to your HSR and they can provide you with additional advice or take up the issue on your behalf if s/he believes this to be the course of action required. If you have had an accident, injury or near miss, report it immediately using Riskman.

What Are My Responsibilities under the ACT Work Health and Safety Act 2011?

Employer duties are:

  • Carry out 'reasonably practicable' risk assessment measures
  • Consult with workers about matters directly concerning their safety
  • Keep records concerning
    • How the unit was established
    • Its activities
    • Changes and reviews

Workers have a duty to:

  • observe health and safety provisions
  • avoid placing yourself and others at risk
  • follow safety instructions when using equipment
  • cooperate with your employer to the extent necessary to enable the employer to fulfil his/her duties

Further Advice

If further advice is required you can talk to the Directorates Safety Advisors located in the:

People and Performance
Level 4 HBCTL Stirling
Phone: 620 51736, 620 59150
Facsimile: 620 59418
You may also wish to advise the Shared Services Health and Safety Team.

For further information please contact Health Safety and Wellbeing at





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