Occupational Violence Management

What is Occupational Violence

The Education Directorate defines Occupational Violence as

‘Any action, incident or behaviour that departs from reasonable conduct in which a person is assaulted, threatened, harmed, injured in the course of, or as a direct result of, his or her work.
Occupational violence may include personal intimidation, verbal abuse, physical assault, sexual harassment, threatening behaviour, abuse through technology (text, emails, phone calls, social media and online forums), making vexatious complaints, and making derogatory, slanderous or threatening statements to or about another person’.

Occupational violence experienced in schools primarily relates to student behaviours.

Safe and Supportive Workplaces

We are focussed on making sure workplaces are safe and supportive for all workers, students and others. The Education Support Office and School Leaders are committed to removing or mitigating against the risk of occupational violence and every worker has a role to play.

Following the immediate management of any occupational violence incident, staff are encouraged to report the incident in Riskman and SAS and work with their school leader/supervisor to:

  • review the circumstances of the incident and use this to inform changes to practice, environment or training to reduce the risk of a similar incident
  • work with affected colleagues to review or develop appropriate plans to address the circumstances of the incident. Plans may include; student Positive Behaviour Support Plans, Protective Action Plans, Risk Assessments, etc (Safe and Supportive Schools framework)
  • ensure that all relevant workers are trained in the application of the revised or new behaviour support plans.

Further Support

The Directorate Network Student Engagement Team (NSET) provides training and support to assist schools in managing challenging and complex student behaviours. Referrals for support can be made through NSET Referral.

The Occupational Violence and Complex Case Management Team (OVCCM) monitors Riskman reports and is supporting schools in responding to complex cases. OVCCM works collaboratively with NSET and schools in this approach.

People and Performance Branch, provides assistance and advice including with engaging with EAP support and in responding to other worker related incidents.

For help with safety issues or more information on responding to complex occupational violence incidents, contact Health Safety and Wellbeing support, on 620 70614 or eduhealthandwellbeing@act.gov.au.

Occupational Violence Policy and Procedures

Working with Parents


Accident Incident Reporting - Riskman

All staff are encouraged to report incidents in Riskman. The Education Directorate is committed to a positive reporting culture to support our strong focus on managing and mitigating against the risk of occupational violence.

It is the responsibility of Education Directorate workers to report a workplace accident or incident in Riskman. A workplace accident or incident includes a workplace event that endangers the health or safety of a person or results in an injury or disease, including a dangerous occurrence.

Further help with reporting in Riskman contact Health, Safety and Wellbeing on 6207 0614

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP provides workers with 6 free sessions for short term, confidential and professional coaching. This free service is available to workers (contractors, casuals, permanent and temporary) and their immediate family/household.

Employee Assistance Program

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Further information

Occupational Violence – ACT Education National Forum

On Thursday 21 March 2019, the ACT Education Directorate hosted a national forum to address the issue of occupational violence in schools. The purpose of the forum was to share work safety learnings across jurisdictions and collectively identify best practice strategies for supporting safe and inclusive school communities for our staff and students.

Occupational Violence – ACT Education National Forum

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