School Assistant Classification

The Directorate has recently undertaken a School Assistant Classification Review in accordance with Section T, Clause T21 of the ACT Public Service Administrative and Related Classifications Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 (the Agreement).

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School Assistant Classification Guide

The guide outlines the new School Assistant Classification Standards Framework and provides additional information, for principals/supervisors and school assistants, to support the management of school assistant positions in ACT public schools, including:

  • the school assistant classification structure
  • design of new school assistant positions; and
  • development of School Assistant Position Descriptions.

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School Assistant Classification Standards Framework

The School Assistant Classification Standards Framework consists of three key elements:

  1. School Assistant Work Level Standards;
  2. School Assistant Activity Descriptors; and
  3. School Assistant Standard Position Descriptions.
  1. School Assistant Work Level Standards (WLS)
    Work level standards describe the distinctive features of school assistant work at each classification level.
  2. School Assistant Activity Descriptors
    The School Assistant Activity Descriptors describe the major activities/duties appropriate at each of the school assistant classification levels. Position Description Template
    A new position description template has been developed to replace the current duty statement and selection criteria format. This template includes all the necessary elements of a position description and additional information relevant to all school assistants. This template should be completed using the ‘Completing the position description template checklist’.
  3.  Standard Position Descriptions
    Standard positions descriptions have been developed for all standard school assistant position types (local designations).

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