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Welcome to the ACT Education Directorate

Welcome to the ACT Education Directorate. We work collaboratively across Government to ensure growth for every child and young person. You have joined an organisation of nearly 6,000 dedicated and experienced teachers, principals and education support staff whose mission is to develop and deliver educational services to empower each child and young person in the ACT to learn for life. The ACT Education Directorate delivers high quality education across 89 public schools educating over 49,000 students from early childhood through to college. We also register non-government schools and administer vocational education and training in the ACT.

With a focus on quality and innovative learning, teaching and leadership and strong connections to families, carers and community, our vision is to be a leading learning organisation where people know they matter.

We take pride in the diverse and inclusive nature of our workforce and embrace the ACT government values of respect, integrity, innovation and collaboration.

Through the induction process you will find many useful resources to help support you in your new role and ensure that you have the information you need. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the Induction Manual and be sure to seek advice from your supervisor. Further information can be found below that will aid you in your new role. Your supervisor can also answer any questions you have regarding your commencement with the Directorate.

New Educator Induction 2020 - This 5-Day Induction is compulsory for all New Educators to the ACT Education Directorate. It will provide important information for your career with us.

Induction Checklist pdf icon (76kb) - Managers and supervisors should use this checklist to provide an outline of the initial schedule of activities that new staff will undertake in their first few weeks and months of employment and ensures that important and relevant information is provided.

ACTPS Public Service Induction Manual – Contains information outlining our values, the structure of the ACT Public Service, The Employment Framework and relevant quick links.

Enterprise Agreements – Contain information regarding terms of work, entitlements and conditions.

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The Education is one of several ACT Government agencies established to provide public services to the people of the ACT. The Directorate is made up of nearly 6000 school based staff and education support officers.

The Directorate services include the provision of public school education, regulation of education and care services, registration of non-government schools and home education.

Our values and behaviours of Respect, Integrity, Collaboration and Innovation underpin our service delivery and are the cornerstone in everything we do.

Our Education Governance Committee (EGC) comprises the Director-General, the Deputy Director-General, the Deputy Director-General Education Strategy and the Deputy Director-General Organisational Integrity for further organisational details see the organisational chart.

The Minister for Education and Early Childhood Education is Yvette Berry MLA.

The Education Directorate's Strategic Plan articulates our vision and priorities over a four year period.

To support the implementation of strategic goals and objectives the Directorate has developed Education Directorate Policies. These policies articulate the Directorate's position, provide a framework for action and ensure a consistent approach to our day-to-day activities and decision-making. Policies may be supported by procedures, manuals or guidelines. New staff are expected to familiarise themselves with the Directorate policies and procedure documents

In February 2017, the ACT Government embarked on a community-led conversation to develop a strategy for the future of education for the next ten years. This conversation took place over 16 months, with input from over 5,000 people. Guided by this conversation, and informed by peer-reviewed research, the ACT Government has developed The Future of Education Strategy that will guide our education system over the next ten years.

The Directorate values; Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation align with the ACT Public Service Employee Values and Signature Behaviours and define who we are as an organisation.

Every person deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy. The ACT Public Service Respect, Equity and Diversity Framework outlines expectations for respectful workplaces. It aims to ensure that all employees value and consider others at work.

All officers of the ACT Government have professional obligations under the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and the Teachers Code of Professional Practice. The Code sets out the five principles of public service ethics that should guide the work of all teachers in meeting the educational needs of their students. The Code applies to and binds all ACT Government teachers and principals (permanent, casual and temporary).

Staff wellbeing is supported by the Directorate through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). These services provide independent, professional counselling service for work-related or personal problems.

The Directorate communicates with its employees via a number of channels including Director-General's messages, All Staff Alerts, School Bulletins, ‘What's New' posts on the intranet. It also communicates to the public via the EDU website the Canberra Public Schools website, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Directorate welcomes the use of social media channels. However, it is important to note your obligations relating to Social Media. All staff should be aware of their Social Media obligations and responsibilities when accessing and using social media.

Employment Conditions

Your work terms, entitlements and conditions are governed by an Enterprise Agreement which is the primary source of employment conditions in the Directorate. All new staff need to familiarise themselves with this document for information on their obligations and entitlements as an employee of the ACT Education Directorate.

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Left to right: Will Sheppard, Alannah Jones and Renee Ferris at the New Staff Welcome February 2015.


Effective induction of teachers is necessary to develop a high performing, engaged, productive and informed workforce. It is a continual process which relies on a network of relationships and supports, clearly articulated goals and focuses on building staff as educational professionals.

With this in mind we are committed to providing teachers with a comprehensive induction into the ACT Education Directorate.

School based programs are in place to ensure that consistent and thorough induction happens across all ACT Public Schools. The Planning for Effective Induction in Schools booklet contains important information for teachers and includes a checklist for School Leaders to guide the process.

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A well-prepared and comprehensive welcome and school orientation helps staff quickly understand the responsibilities of their new role, the expectations upon them and where to source support if required. The pre-commencement phase contains the following elements

School-Based Activities

School based induction should be inclusive, supportive and occur in a timely manner and should include:

  • Referral to the New Staff page on INDEX;
  • Information on the school mission, vision and brand;
  • Mentor/supervisor introductions; and
  • Directorate and School orientation.

Mandatory On-Line Training Courses (school network only)

In the spirit of being a ‘Leading Learning Organisation, where our people matter’ we are committed to providing Education Directorate staff with access to professional learning opportunities to assist and support you with your work.

What is Online Training?

logo of Mandatory On-Line Training

The Directorate has partnered with the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) to develop online learning for our employees.  Our online learning platform, allows you to access Directorate specific training in areas relevant to your work.

From Term 3, 2019, we will be launching a range of mandatory online learning modules across a variety of topics for all staff to complete:

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Occupational Violence
  • Reportable Conduct
  • Risk Management
  • Keeping Children and Young People Safe
  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • Disability Awareness
  • Code of Professional Practice
  • Workplace Bullying

These modules will provide important information that will ensure that you both understand your obligations and are compliant in your day to day duties. Importantly, they will highlight the avenues for support available to you and they will assist us all in creating a safer work environment for both staff and students.

How do I Log-on and Learn?

Online learning modules will be accessed through our online learning platform. More information and guidance on how to access the platform will be provided closer to the launch.

Please keep an eye out for future messaging and instructions on how you can Log-on and Learn.

I want to know more!

If you have any questions or want to know more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) word icon (736kb) page to learn more.


If you have any questions about our online learning modules please refer to our FAQs or alternatively contact

Laying Foundations

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During the initial stages of employment, and in particular the first month, new staff require additional support in their role to foster professional development. This may include specific details about processes, tasks and equipment.

Some staff may need additional training as part of their induction. In the Laying Foundations phase new staff can expect:

  • The establishment of a supervisory panel to assist with teacher registration and probation requirements.
  • Collaborative planning and information on school processes and procedures.
  • Protocols for communicating with parents/carers, media and outside agencies.

Continued Professional Growth

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New teachers require ongoing and sustained support to develop their professional practice. Continued professional growth is guided by identified individual professional learning needs, and is planned using feedback from annual professional discussions, probation and contract assessments and pathways plans.

Schools will provide new teachers with opportunities to participate in and engage with professional learning communities in order to build capacity and improve student learning. School-based professional learning is expected to be of the highest quality, in accordance with the ACT Teacher Quality Institute Act 2010 and associated Regulations, Directions and procedures.

To assist you with your personal development, the Education Directorate conducts various professional learning and development courses throughout the year. You can browse the Professional Learning Calendar for details of the available courses and training modules.

A checklist summarizing the 3 steps of Pre-commencement, Laying Foundations and Sustained Professional Growth can be found here.

Teacher Induction Guide pdf file (57 kb)

The Directorate offers targeted professional learning for new teachers and learning support assistants to develop their capability to meet the needs of students with complex needs and challenging behaviours and/or disability.

Contact us:

Student Wellbeing Phone: 6205 7029 or Email:

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Induction is a vital component of training and development and assists new staff to understand their role and where they 'fit' within their organisation.

The ACT Public Service Induction provides important information about the role and structure of the ACT Government and ACT Public Service, and your role and obligations as a public servant. You will find a number of useful information and resources on this site.

Principals and schools have programs and resources that have been developed to ensure that consistent and thorough induction procedures are in place across all ACT Public Schools. The attached document contains important information for new staff and includes a checklist for Principals to guide the process.

A checklist summarizing the 3 steps of Pre-commencement, Laying Foundations and Sustained Professional Growth can be found here.

Your work terms, entitlements and conditions are governed by an enterprise agreement which is the primary source of employment conditions in the Directorate. All new staff need to familiarise themselves with this document for information on their obligations and entitlements as an employee of the ACT Education Directorate.

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