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The Directorate is currently revising the Governance Framework. If you have any questions about the Directorate’s Governance arrangements please contact Governance and Assurance Branch on (02) 620 52819 or email to

The Business Managers Association provides relevant professional development opportunities for its members and works with the Directorate in pursuing training and development for school administration staff. The Association is currently revisiting its purpose and information will be made available as this is finalised early next year.

The key objectives of the DCC are to:

  • improve consultation and communication processes between staff, senior managers and unions regarding change management proposals in the workplace;
  • consider implications of change management proposals;
  • promote the sharing of information across EDU; and
  • provide a forum for consultation.

List of Members

Name Rep Location
David Matthews (Chair) Directorate - Chairperson Business Services
Alison Stott Deputy Chairperson People and Performance
Carol Zanetti Secretariat Workplace Relations
Michelle Tranda Directorate – Senior Director Workplace Relations
Tej Kaur Directorate – Senior Director Clinical Practice
Wendy Cave Directorate – Primary Principal Ainslie Primary School
Mandy Kalyvas Directorate – Primary Principal Hawker Primary School
Karen Jermyn Staff - Administrative Digital Strategy, Services and Transformation
Deborah Sullivan Staff - Administrative Transition and Careers
Wendy Wheeler Staff - School Assistant Gowrie Primary
Linda Kwong Staff – School Assistant Gold Creek School
Chantelle Lawson Staff – Business Manager Gungahlin College
Christian Pietsch Staff – BSO Hughes Primary
Alicia Rose Health Professional Officer North Gungahlin NSET
Ryan Tyler Union – CPSU CPSU
Jacqui Agius Union - AEU AEU
Erryn Cresshull Union - United Voice Organiser United Voice

DCC Meetings for 2020:

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