Health Safety and Wellbeing - Procedure

The Education and Training Directorate (The Directorate) is, at all levels of the organisation, committed to the effective management of Work Health and Safety (WHS) matters. The Directorate recognises that WHS policy with detailed guidance provided in supporting procedures, is a key control in a systematic approach to the effective management of safety risk. This is a requirement of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

A suite of Health Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) procedures are provided below as part of the Health Safety and Wellbeing Online Manual which documents the Directorate Safety Management System (SMS). The procedures support Whole of Government WHS Policies available at the Shared Services Customer Service Portal Policy Index website and directorate policies available from the Directorate Policies and Procedures page on Index and the Policies A-Z page on the ETD website.

Procedures Supporting documents
  • Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Care and Use of Animals in ACT Schools – Procedures
  • Contractor Management
  • Electrical Safety - Procedure 2013
  • Emergency Management
  • First Aid Procedures 1-11:
    1. First Aid Facilities Procedure
    2. First Aid Record Keeping Procedure
    3. Administration of Analgesics Procedure
    4. Standard Infection Control and Safe Work Practice Procedure
    5. Managing Hepatitis Procedure 
    6. Anaphylaxis Management Procedure
    7. Asthma Management Procedure
    8. Diabetes Management Procedure
    9. Epilepsy Management Procedure
    10. Handling Sharps and Biohazards Procedure
    11. First Aid Training Procedure
  • HSW Guidelines for Change to Facilities
  • HSW Training
  • Manual Handling
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Planned Inspection Program
  • Plant and Protective Equipment
  • Purchasing Management
  • Responding to Student Accidents/Incidents Procedure
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Management Guidelines for Risk Management in ACT
  • Government Primary School Programs
  • School Canteens Policy Implementation
  • Staff Health and Wellbeing
  • Swimming Pool and Water Park Based Aquatic Activities
  • Electrical Safety Attachments 1-7
  • Excursions Attachment 19

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