Health Safety and Wellbeing - Policy

The Education and Training Directorate (The Directorate) is, at all levels of the organisation, committed to the effective management of Work Health and Safety (WHS) matters. The Directorate recognises that centralised WHS policy, is a key control in a systematic approach to the effective management of safety risk, a requirement of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

A suite of Health Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) related policies are provided as part of the Health Safety and Wellbeing Manual which documents the directorate safety management system.  The policies provided are either directly related to health and safety matters or contain some health and safety content. They are available from the Policies and Procedures page on the INDEX website, with public policies available on the Policies A-Z page on the ETD website.

Related procedures are also listed within the relevant policy document and are available from the HSW Procedures on INDEX website.

Higher level Whole of Government WHS Policies are available from the Shared Services Customer Service Portal website.

Policies available on the DET website Related Procedures Supporting Documents
  • Care and Use of Animals in ACT Schools - Policy
  • Dress Standards and Colour Codes in Public Schools 2010
  • Excursions Policy
  • First Aid
  • Head Lice
  • Hydrotherapy Pools - School Use
  • Infectious Diseases - Outbreak Procedures and Exclusion Periods
  • ICT Management in Schools Policy
  • Management of Eating and Drinking Support in ACT Public
  • Schools
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities
  • Physical Education and Sport Policy Statement
  • Playground Supervision of Students
  • Providing Safe Schools P-12
  • School Canteens Policy
  • Sexual Harassment, Countering, in ACT Public Schools
  • Sun Protection
  • Responding to Student Accidents/Incidents Policy
  • Temporary Closure of Schools
  • Volunteers and Visitors Policy
  • Working with Vulnerable People
  • Care and Use of Animals in ACT Schools – Procedures
  • Swimming Pool and Water Park Based Aquatic Activities Procedures
    First Aid Procedures 1-11
  • School Canteens Policy Implementation
  • Responding to Student Accidents/Incidents Procedure
  • Excursions Attachment 19
Policies available on the INDEX website

Related Procedures

Supporting Documents

  • Countering Racism in ACT Public Schools
    Care and Use of Animals
  • Electrical Safety
  • Injury Prevention and Management
  • Return to Work Policy for Managing Employees with a Workplace Injury or Illness
    Working Alone
  • Care and Use of Animals in ACT Schools Guidelines
    Electrical Safety - Procedure – 2013
  • Risk Management Guidelines for Risk Management in ACT Government Primary School Programs
  • Electrical Safety Attachments 1-7

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