Health Safety and Wellbeing - Governance and Consultation

The Education and Training Directorate (The Directorate) is, at all levels of the organisation, committed to effective communication and consultation on Work Health and Safety (WHS) matters. The Directorate recognises that WHS consultation, a legislative requirement of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, is central to the effective management of safety risk. A broad outline of the processes for directorate WHS consultation, communication and reporting is provided below.

Consultative Committees/Meetings

Consultation on WHS matters is facilitated at all levels of the organisation. The Directorate formally consults with employee groups through the Injury Prevention and Management Committee (IPM Committee) and Directorate wide network meetings.  These meetings are held once each quarter with minutes provided to stakeholders.

Consultation at the local workplace level is facilitated by directorate executive including principals, managers and supervisors through ensuring that they have a standing WHS agenda item for all staff meetings.  In addition, elected health and safety representatives (HSRs) consult with management on WHS matters for their work group. Health and safety and employee group representatives also represent and consult on behalf of their respective groups in relation to WHS matters at directorate wide network meetings.

Injury Prevention and Management Committee


The IPM Committee is the key consultative forum for directorate stakeholders. Its functions are to provide policy and implementation advice to improve health and safety performance outcomes related to the Directorate Safety Management System (SMS), and to consider WHS matters relevant to workers that are not resolved at the local level. The functions of this committee are outlined in detail in the Terms of Reference Injury Prevention and Management Committee provided below .


The IPM Committee includes representatives from directorate employee groups. The role of individual committee members is to assist the quorum to fulfil committee functions and to represent their stakeholder group; raising and reporting back relevant WHS matters. Further information on the membership is available in the Terms of Reference Injury Prevention and Management Committee.


The IPM Committee chair reports on the activities of the meeting, legislative compliance, and recommendations in relation to WHS matters raised to the Corporate Executive Committee (CORPEX). CORPEX assists the Director-General and the Senior Executive Team (SET) to determine WHS priorities and make decisions in relation to WHS strategic, policy and management issues affecting the work of the Directorate.  The Reporting Requirements Flowchart is available in the Terms of Reference Injury Prevention and Management Committee.

Meeting minutes

Network Meetings


The function of directorate wide network meetings is to provide a consultative forum for employee groups. Agenda items include directorate WHS performance, current safety matters, ACT Public Service and directorate WHS initiatives and safety awareness training.


Network membership comprises a representative from each directorate workplace/workgroup from the following employee groups:

  • Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)
  • Building Service Officers (BSOs)
  • Business Managers (BMs)
  • Principals Network

The role of network representatives attending these meetings is to facilitate effective consultation between directorate management and employee or work groups. This is achieved as they represent their employee or work group by raising relevant WHS matters for consideration at the higher level meeting and reporting back to the group on agenda items and matters arising.


The IPM Committee quorum member or their delegate provides a report to directorate network meetings and the principals association.  In turn, the representative provides a report back to the local workplace/relevant work group.

Meeting minutes

  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Building Service Officers

Further Information

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