Strategic Plan 2018-21

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Our Strategic Plan provides clear objectives, measures and targets to equip the organisation with a cohesive way to monitor progress, learn and improve, ensuring that we have a sustainable and adaptable high performing educational system into the future.

Our Mission Our Vision
We develop and deliver educational services to empower each young person in the ACT to learn for life. We will be a leading learning organisation where people know they matter.

Our Plans

The Future of Education Strategy will guide our education system over the next 10 years. Our Strategic Plan is the road map that will lead us towards the Future of Education.

Supporting Information

Strategic Plan Posters

2020 Branch Plans

Branch plans are available to view via our Organisation Chart. Click here to view.

Project Management

The Project Management Framework provides direction when designing and delivering projects within and across the Directorate. It reinforces a clear and effective alignment between our work and our Strategic Plan.

Exemplars of Full and Light Projects are available. Please contact the Strategic Implementation Team if you would like copies.


As an education system we have committed to implementing our Strategic Plan with integrity. The Reporting Framework document outlines how we will report on our progress.

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