Risk Management


Through our activities as teachers, support or administrative staff we encounter numerous risks on a daily basis. Risk management is an essential and fundamental element of good management practices and should be incorporated into all aspects of our day to day teaching and business processes.

Although many of these day to day risks will be managed through routine processes, there are occasions when a more structured approach to the management of risk is required. Aspects such as formulating policy advice, decisions on large scale or complex projects, excursions and sporting or adventure activities are just a few examples. Effective risk management will require principals, managers and staff to understand the nature of the risks in their work areas and systematically identify, analyse, treat, monitor and review those risks. The Risk Management Framework, guidelines and templates provide the structure and guidance to achieve this outcome.

Through this approach to risk management the Directorate aims to maximise opportunities, while at the same time reducing risk to a level that is acceptable to the Directorate and its stakeholders.

While all staff are responsible for sound risk management practices within their particular areas, the staff of the Audit and Assurance Section are available to provide expert advice, and the facilitation of training on all aspects of risk management.


Incident Forms

Report all student accident/incidents on SAS and send the Summary to Governance and Legal Liaison at EDULegalLiaison@act.gov.au.

Risk Assessment Forms


For any assistance with risk management or any aspect of these guidelines please contact Risk Management and Insurance Coordinator - Phone: 6205 6207

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