The Directorate’s Policy Framework has been designed to guide policy owners through the policy development process in a way that ensures policy owners are able to consider every element of best practice policy development, which ensures we are considering our own legal, policy and engagement obligations.

To further support policy owners, the Policy and Procedure Reference Group (PPRG) has been established to provide the governance mechanism that will not only provide formal collaboration opportunities, but it will do so in a way that supports the policy development, approval, publication and the implementation process. 

The PPRG encourages broad participation on an ongoing or adhoc basis. The benefit of attending the PPRG is that as a policy owner you can learn about what other groups/branches are working on and identify interdependencies. You can also share what you are working on and/or talk through any wicked problem that might need a coordinated approach or response.

Policy Framework Resources

The following resources have been developed to support policy owners understand the policy development framework and design appropriate, accurate and useful policies, procedures and supporting documentation.

The Policy Officer/Owner should utilise the following policy development templates, in the development or review of policy documents.

Further assistance in developing policy

A series of training sessions will be made available for interested staff in 2020. Once dates, times and venues are confirmed these details will be made available on this Index webpage and in Staff Alerts and Bulletins.

If you require assistance prior to training, please contact Ellen Groves in Governance Policy and Procedures on extension 77459 or email EDUGovernance@act.gov.au

For assistance with project aspects of policy development, access the Project Management Framework on Index.

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