Analytics and Evaluation

The Analytics and Evaluation Branch (A&E) is responsible for the collection, management, and analysis and reporting of data relating to school education in the ACT. It is also responsible for the operational aspects of the data custodian role for the Education Directorate and the management of research occurring in the ACT public schools. A&E undertakes the February and August censuses of enrolments in ACT schools, collects and reports other administrative and performance data such as attendance data, suspensions and class size in addition to providing the core performance analysis capability for the Directorate. The branch also manages the delivery and analysis of local, national and international assessment programs including NAPLAN, the on-entry baseline assessment (BASE), Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).

A&E conducts the key Directorate surveys including the School Satisfaction and Climate Survey and the School Leaver Survey and provides analysis to report on the results. In addition to the planned annual surveys, A&E also caters to requests for ad hoc surveys on behalf of clients across the Directorate. The branch oversees an evaluation program designed to provide strategic advice on the effectiveness of service delivery and of reform initiatives. The evaluation function involves scoping, conducting and or coordinating and reporting of major evaluations, as agreed through the evaluation framework, in conjunction with other areas of the Directorate as required.

For general enquiries regarding analytics and evaluation please contact Analytics and Evaluation on 6205 3318.

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