Open Access Information Scheme (OAIS)

The ACT FOI Act identifies a number of information types that agencies are required to make publicly available, including:

  • the functions of the agency, including structure, kinds of government information held and how requests for information may be made;
  • the work of the agency as contained in any document tabled in the Legislative Assembly;
  • the agency’s policy documents;
  • budgetary papers;
  • government grants made or administered by the agency;
  • the agency’s disclosure log;
  • a statement of all boards, councils, committees, panels and other bodies established by the agency for the purpose of advising the agency or responsible Minister, including reports or recommendations prepared by such bodies;
  • ministerial briefs (incoming ministerial, parliamentary estimates, annual reports and question time) that are five or more years old;
  • a publication undertaking by the agency;
  • information declared by the ACT Ombudsman to be open access information; or
  • information prescribed by regulation.

Our information relevant to most of these information types is available on our website This will be added to over time and as requirements take effect. Information will also be published on the ACT Government’s open access website

The information on this page has been developed to assist officers who will be considering documents or information under the principles of the Open Access Information Scheme. It is suggested that officers access the Fact Sheets and associated Checklists, Flowcharts and Templates for preliminary information about the Scheme. Information on this page includes:

  • A Guide for Directorate staff on OAIS procedures.
  • Fact Sheets describing the Open Access Information Scheme, how to develop and review documents under the Scheme, responsibilities of the business areas in respect of the Scheme, and points of importance in relation to the Scheme are detailed below under Fact Sheets.
  • Flowcharts and Checklists have also been developed to show step by step procedures for the following:
    • Prioritising documents for consideration under OAIS
    • Procedure for developing new documents in your Branch
    • Checklist 2 should be completed for each document or piece of information under consideration
    • A list of all current internal access only documents that need to be considered under the OAIS
  • Templates are provided below for those documents that are considered to be made only partially available on the EDU website and Open Access portal and also a template for those documents or information considered to be not approved for publication.

OAIS Resources

Fact Sheets

Guide and General Information


Other Open Access Resources

If you experience problems accessing any of the documents listed, please telephone Ellen Groves on 6207 7459.

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