Legislation sets out expectations and requirements about how Directorate staff do their work and provides avenues for review and redress.

Especially for Schools

  • The School Legal Information Manual (SLIM) replaces information in the School Management Manual and aims to assist staff to best respond to issues that arise in schools.
  • The Unwelcome Visitors to Schools Handbook is designed to assist principals and authorised persons in exercising the powers outlined in section 147 of the Education Act 2004 in relation to trespassing and/or threatening or offensive behaviour on school premises.

Making Good Decisions

Staff need to ensure they consider and apply the right ‘rules’ whether these are set out in legislation or are embodied in principles such as procedural fairness.

Requests for advice from the ACT Government Solicitor

Legal Liaison liaises with the ACT Government Solicitor (ACTGS) when formal legal advice is required. Governance and Legal Liaison should be the first point of contact for principals, managers and executive seeking advice.

Call or email the Legal Liaison Team when you need legal advice or support:
Email:                     EDULegalLiaison@act.gov.au
Telephone:            6205 8510

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