Internal Audit

A respected and trusted public sector is a vital component of a robust community. For the community to have confidence in the public sector its employees must act and be seen to act with integrity and accountability. The Internal Audit function supports the attainment of the Education Directorate’s strategic objectives and provides assurance to the Director-General that financial and non-financial management activities are transparent and subject to continuous improvement.

Education Directorate’s internal audit function provides continuous review of the effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes by:

  • Providing independent, unbiased assessment of an organisation's operations.
  • Offering information to management on the effectiveness of business processes.
  • Acting as a catalyst for improvements in governance, risk management and control processes.
  • Advising management what it needs to know, when it needs to know it.

Education Directorate Internal Audit Charter pdf icon (448kb)

Education Directorate Audit Committee Charter pdf icon (532kb)

Internal Audit Policy (225kb)

Internal Audit Procedure (291kb)

Internal Audit Fact Sheet (190kb)


For more information about Internal Audit, please contact the Chief Internal Auditor on 62074386.

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