Education Web Services

The Education Web Services team manages all ACT Government School websites, The Education Directorate website, Index Intranet, Preschool Matters, BSSS and TQI on behalf of The Education Directorate.

For assistance with any of these websites please contact the Education Web Services team at for advice.

Contributing to Index, Education and School websites

For inclusion to 'What's New' and 'ClassACT' on Index, send an email to with the required text, documents and/or photos as attachments.

Amendments or new additions to Index or Education websites

  • approval is needed by the relevant Senior Branch Manager
  • forward the request to Media and Communications branch
    • On emailing Media and Communications outline the requested changes or additions including details of the exact location of the item (i.e. site, page name etc.) to

For further assistance phone Media and Communications on 620 59423.

ACT Public School websites

Please forward all requests to

Access to Index from home computers connected to the internet

Staff are able to access Index by visiting the Education Directorate website: and going to the staff login link in the top black bar of the website. Staff will be prompted to log on to the site, you will need to use your network login to access the site.

Useful Links

  1. Web Accessibility
  2. Website User Guides and Training

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