Records Management

Records Management Section (RMS) is responsible for creating, managing and archiving all ACT Education Directorate (EDU) files. Section contact details can be found on the ACT Government Directory external link or email:

Please note: there are underscores between the words records, management and unit.

RMS must ensure that EDU meets all its legislative requirements for record keeping in accordance with the Territory Records Act 2002 external link.

New Thesaurus and Records Disposal Schedules

The Territory Records Office (TRO) have recently completed a review of 16 common Functions in the Whole of Government Thesaurus and associated Records Disposal Schedules, and have combined them into just 8 new Functions. The new Thesaurus and Disposal Schedules are available on the Requesting and Working with Files page, along with the handy Common File Titles documents and spreadsheets. Mapping documents to help you navigate the new functions are available on the TRO Intranet External link.

Existing Functions New Functions
Community Relations Information Management Finance& Treasury Management
Compensation Legal Services Government & Stakeholder Relations
Equipment & Stores Occupational Health & Safety Human Resources
Establishment Personnel Information & Communications Technology
Financial Management Property Management Property Equipment & Fleet
Fleet Management Publication Records & Information Management
Government Relations Strategic Management Solicitor & Legal Services
Industrial Relations Technology & Telecommunications Strategy & Governance

Storage and Handling of Different Types of Information:

Important Information - Don’t Forget!

Lock your screen or log off before leaving your work station.

Lock hard copy sensitive information away safely and securely before you leave your desk as potential leaks of information can be unintentionally released to the public!


Sensitive Information Handling

Electronic Document Management

Please refer to the 2014 Records Management Policy on the Records Management Policy and Procedures page, also available are supporting procedures.

Further information


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