First Aid Officers/Sick Rooms

The ACT Public Service is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. Workplace first aid is a system for the emergency treatment of illness and injury at work. It includes:

  • emergency treatment
  • maintenance of records
  • dressing of minor injuries
  • recognition and reporting of health hazards
  • participation in safety programs

First Aid Officers are responsible for the initial care of ill or injured employees by rendering first aid treatment in accordance with their approved training. Locations, names and contact phone numbers of First Aid Officers in EDU are listed below.

If the details below are no longer correct please call 620 70614 or email

First Aid Officers:

Education Support Office - 220 Northbourne Avenue

(The First Aid Room is located on Level 5)

Name Telephone Location
Elliot Heatwole (02) 620 55477 Ground Floor
Ell Stewart (02) 620 55428 Level 6
Nance O’Brien (02) 620 59161 Level 6

Hedley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning (HBCTL)

(The First Aid Room is located on level 4)

Name Telephone Location
Colleen Reid (02) 620 57086 Level 2
Meg King (02) 620 71114 Level 3
Justeen Stebbing (02) 6205 4132 Level 4
Melanie Bezear (02) 620 71416 Level 4

Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS)

Name Telephone Location
Sharon Berzins (02) 620 72340 Lyons Centre

This information was compiled by People and Performance. For more information please call 6207 0614 or email

Injured at Work?

If you are injured at work or suffer a work related illness you should:

If you need to claim for medical expenses and/or lost time from work, contact the Directorate Injury Management Liaison Officer or work area for a claim kit.

Contact or call 620 70614 for further information.

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